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TheBudgetBoss, LLC helps consumers better manage, budget and control their personal spending. By integrating new development stage mobile apps with traditional expense reduction techniques, online education and social networking consumers can reduce expenses and better manage their personal spending. We make budgeting and expense management fun and profitable.


An old problem for a new generation!

Consumers save on average 5% of their income; and spend 95% of their income. There are over 20,000 financial institutions with 500,000 financial advisors that help with the 5% they save; but few help consumers with the 95% they spend. TheBudgetBoss helps consumers with the 95% they spend. These consumers have income over $20,000 and under $200,000 per year. They are recent college graduates or consumers with sub-prime credit scores, or they simply are households struggling to make ends meet. They have financial pain and stress, and they need help.
TheBudgetBoss builds and offers mobile apps, online education, and social meet-ups to help consumers reduce and manage their expenses. We make personal spending management efficient, profitable, fun and social. By reducing personal financial stress, consumers will live a happier life.

New solutions for a new generation!

Suze Orman offers books, CNBC shows, and QVC on personal spending management that appeal to a specific age group within this market. TheBudgetBoss offers new solutions that appeal to a new generation for a very old problem – budgeting and spending management.